Illustration for “My Time Out”

My Time Out

“The social buttefly”. OK, it wasn’t my idea.

Logo illustration to be used as a brand element and to spice up the UI of “My Time Out”. Drawn in Illustrator, the outline was a tracing and the markings were hand drawn. Lovely, lovely bezier fun.

Someone walking past my desk while I was drawing this commented “your job is so much fun”. I guess you take it for granted after 15 years, but it’s no bad thing to spend an hour being paid to draw a butterfly.

Browse by time

Browse by time

This was an idea for a “browse by time” feature. Dragging the slider would change the date and the refresh the content on the page on -the-fly. Would be useful for looking at events: see what’s on Friday night or the weekend, then zoom ahead to see what gigs are coming up. Never saw the light of day sadly, but the styling was used on a newsletter I designed for Time Out.

My Time Out – about to leave beta

My Time Out website

My Time Out allows you to save the events you’re attending,  follow your favourite venues, restaurants and cinemas and brings relevant content to you via email alerts and a profile feed. It’s managed by Facebook Connect so you’ll be hooked up to any friends that also connect, allowing you to see their upcoming events and things they like to follow.

LinkIn recommendations… better than a yellow pencil?

Blowing my trumpet time.

“Graham has been outstanding in taking the strong visual brand identity of Time Out and interpreting it for the digital age. Graham has an excellent eye for detail, engages and understands our users and has been instrumental in developing our mobile offering.” October 7, 2010

David Pepper, MD Digital, Time Out

I love LinkedIn, and not just because you can get people to say nice things about you!

LinkedIn makes the chore of maintaining a CV a thing of great ease and pleasure, but for me the vital ingredient is recommendations. Very few Designers I know are really taking advantage of this feature and yet it offers great value as a little seal of approval and an insight into previous success. More than the tradition “testimonies” that you’d see on portfolio sites, recommendations seem more genuine – or at least you can verify the identity of the person writing the glowing review. In future, if LinkedIn becomes the ultimate “go to” place to check out prospective employees and contractors, recommendations may be as essential as letters after your name or yellow pencils* and industry accolades.

Request your recommendations now before everyone is asking for them and it becomes as acceptable to ignore requests as it is to ignore invites to play Bejewelled from Facebook!

* One day… pleeeeeeease

First Time Out City Guide hits iTunes – Zagreb

Time Out City Guide to Zagreb in the iTunes App store

The first Time Out City Guide app is in the app store. It’s Zagreb and it’s FREE.

Zagreb may seem like a strange choice for a launch, but it was brought to the top of the production list following interest from the tourist board. Thanks to their sponsporship we were able to offer this first app free, allowing users a chance to see if they life the City Guide apps before purchasing other guides. It will also give us a good chance to get user feedback and do a lot more de-bugging before the first paid-for guide goes live.

Paris and London (for visitors) will follow soon.

Download The Time out City Guide to Zagreb on iTunes app store

Time Out City Guide iOS apps get a mention in the Observer

Benji Lanyado has written and interesting article in the Observer on location aware apps and the future (or lack there of) of printed travel guides. He gives a nice plug to the upcoming Time Out City Guide apps (he’s had a sneak preview).

Time Out City Guide travel iPhone app

Books With Bite

Books with bite wireframes

Work is progressing on the build of the Books With Bite site, a site for Hachette Publishing to increase engagement with their range of “Supernatural romance ” titles. The site will be based on Joomla to offer the client to manage and update the site.

I’ve designed the site and created the logo, the Joomla build is being handled by Lurex Lounge. The deadline is Halloween!

Recommendation from Tony Elliot

I think I was cheeky to ask for this!

“Graham produces fabulous design work for the Time Out website During his time with Time Out, the quality of the design of everything we do digitally just keeps getting better and better. Nothing seems to throw him off his stride.” June 24, 2010

Tony Elliott, Chairman/Founder, Time Out Group Ltd