Facestalking – My Time Out

My Time Out

Above: Attendees to the Gauguin exhibition Vs Urban Nerd’s Halloween club night.

Time Out’s Facebook integration is starting to gain momentum and events are starting to get good “attendance” numbers on the site. It’s interesting to be able to compare the audiences for differing events, as well as to see the real faces of Time Out visitors for the first time (Previous Facebook “fan pages” didn’t really represent engaged, event going, users).

Note the picture of Christopher Walken, 3rd pic top row. Sin-Jin Smyth is the team’s test profile. A nice reference to the final Moore Bond Film “A View to a Kill”, which is a camp masterpiece and a great Bond film, dispite Roger’s advancing years.

Illustration for “My Time Out”

My Time Out

“The social buttefly”. OK, it wasn’t my idea.

Logo illustration to be used as a brand element and to spice up the UI of “My Time Out”. Drawn in Illustrator, the outline was a tracing and the markings were hand drawn. Lovely, lovely bezier fun.

Someone walking past my desk while I was drawing this commented “your job is so much fun”. I guess you take it for granted after 15 years, but it’s no bad thing to spend an hour being paid to draw a butterfly.

My Time Out – about to leave beta

My Time Out website

My Time Out allows you to save the events you’re attending,  follow your favourite venues, restaurants and cinemas and brings relevant content to you via email alerts and a profile feed. It’s managed by Facebook Connect so you’ll be hooked up to any friends that also connect, allowing you to see their upcoming events and things they like to follow.