Music brands (plus a couple that are not)

I’ve been collecting a board of brands, mostly around music. There’s a definite resurgence of the graphic logo rather than a logotype alone, which makes practical sense when it comes to designing a small graphic for an app icon (like the fin of Grooveshark, or the cloud of Soundcloud). Aweditorium got around this by emphasising “AWE” on their icon. You’re onto a winner if you can claim a single letter – and happne to be a dominant social network: “f”, “p”, “t”,”v”, and “w” are gone now of course ; )

I’m impressed by the stand-out of Pinterest’s cursive “p”, Beats Aduio circle, and the clarity of branding.

As well as researching music brands, I also find it’s good to have a set of brands to study and admire just because they’re cool.