Early designs, to show or not to show?

Design scamps for catering company.

I had good meeting last night to agree the new logo for a (not to be named yet, but look really closely at the pics and you might be able to make it out) catering company and to discuss colour ways.

It was way too early to be coming up with designs for the site but, as I always get over-excited and had done a whole bunch of work to test out the new logo. Generally it’s not good practice to show such early design work to clients as it can confuse the issue, rather than presenting complete work that you are confident in. Also, if you show to many options you can end up getting asked for: “a bit of this design A mixed with a bit of that design B”, which might not work well together –  and then you have a camel on your hands!

In this case I had a good feeling about the work so far and I thought it would be helpful to show the client how the identity would work in a real context. And I thought “hey, they’re chefs, they understand about mixing the right ingredients”.

20 minutes later and not only was the logo signed off, but we were well on our way to agreeing the website look and feel. This was followed by Guinness at Wiltons Music Hall. I was very happy : )

Wiltons Music Hall

I’m just showing off really ; ) … trying to make this whole “designer” thing seem glamourours. It’s actually just a lot of squinting at screens for long hours getting eye-strain and swearing furiously at feedback emails!